Celebrate Māori New Year

20 June - 19 July | 20 o Pipiri - 19 o Hōngongoi
2degrees Kapa Haka Super12s, Saturday 11 July 2015.

Event date:                  Saturday 11 July 2015
Venue:                         The Cloud, Queens Wharf, Auckland CBD
General event times:     9am to 5pm
Team entry fee:            $100

Kia hiwa rā, kia hiwa rā,
nei rā te reo powhiri e karanga atu nei ki ngā hau e wha,
ki ngā iwi o te motu,
ki ngā kaihaka puta noa i te ao.

Tū mai, waiata mai, pūkana mai ō whatu
ki te papa tūwaewae o te 2degrees Kapa Haka Super12s.

Thank you once again for your interest in the fantastic event that is the 2degrees Kapa Haka Super12s – this kaupapa would not happen without your continued support and enthusiasm. Your passion for 2degrees Kapa Haka Super12s is why this event exists, it is a platform to flex your innovation, creativity and excellence and to show the world that there are no limits to this traditional art form.

The bar is lifted every year and 2015 will be no different. I am excited to be programming this iconic event once again into the Matariki Festival 2015 and I am stoked you have decided to enter your team. Come early to see the kura teams take the stage in the morning, and stick around for the R18 After Party in the evening. It’s going to be an awesome weekend and you’re invited. See you at The Cloud!

Anahera Higgins
Festival Director
Matariki Festival 2015

You could win a share of $12,000

  • First place $7000 and 2degrees products
  • Second place $3000 and 2degrees product
  • Third place $1000 Te Reo Māori
  • Best costume $500 for each award

Competition rules and judging

  • Each performance group must contain 12 people.
  • Individual members of the group must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Each 2degrees Kapa Haka Super12s group must have male and female performers.
  • Performances must be no longer than 12 minutes. Timekeeping will begin and stop when the first and last deliberate sound is heard from the team on stage.
  • Ten marks will be deducted for every extra minute performed.
  • A maximum of five minutes will be permitted per team for setting up of props or instruments on stage.
  • The performance must contain each of the following: Waiata ā ringa, Haka and Poi.
  • Performances must be in Te Reo Māori and groups will be judged on the quality of Te Reo Māori within the performance.
  • 2degrees Kapa Haka Super12s will be judged on originality, execution and entertainment “wow” factor. Acoustic instruments are permitted for use as DJ’s will not be provided (instruments cannot plug into sound desk).
  • No handheld, lapel or headset microphones will be permitted on stage.
  • Instrumental backing tracks are permitted but cannot contain lyrics. The entrant must have acquired, and be able to provide proof of any and all necessary AMCOS/APRA licences needed to use the backing track prior to the event at their own expense. Any groups wishing to utilise backing tracks must attend sound testing prior to the event.
  • Alcohol, illegal drugs, food and drink of any kind are prohibited on the stage and teams will be disqualified if this rule is not adhered to.

General terms of entry

  • A maximum of 12 entries will be accepted and entries received beyond the maximum number will be returned.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable.
  • The team with the highest score wins. In the event of a tie, the judges will decide by majority vote who is the winning team.
  • The judges’ decision on the event is final and no protests of any kind will be accepted.
  • The judges will have a background in 2degrees Kapa Haka Super12s as performers, tutors and composters and be fluent in Te Reo Māori.
  • Contestants consent to receiving promotional material from the event organisers and sponsors.
  • By virtue of entry, all persons involved in the group entry agree to hold Auckland Council and its agents indemnified against any claim or liability for loss or accident resulting from any individual’s involvement in the event.
  • By virtue of entry, all persons involved in the group entry agree to the terms and conditions and grants the council exclusive permission to release competitor information, images, recordings and likeness in publicity material to media and sponsors, as required.
  • Auckland Council takes no responsibility for any group's inability to enter, perform or compete in the competition due to equipment or technical malfunction, or other loss of access, including inadvertent disconnection or otherwise.
  • Auckland Council reserves the right to extend or discontinue the 2degrees Kapa Haka Super12s offer at any stage, for any reason.

Contact person:
Mikki-tae Tapara, Event Producer


09 890 7292

Event kaupapa

The idea of 2degrees Kapa Haka Super12s was planted through discussion and agreement that this competition would focus on giving opportunity for 2degrees Kapa Haka Super12s to develop from similar standards as the National Atmpas (Matatini) festival into a product that would be seen as palatable and exciting by traditionalists and therefore, be accepted as evolutionary to 2degrees Kapa Haka Super12s.

"2degrees Kapa Haka Super12s is about having fun so the rules have been kept to a minimum. There are some specific requirements but in essence each performance must be seen as being a celebration of being Māori."

Tangiwai Ria