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Ripeka Pae

This is an exhibition of formidable work by senior contemporary Māori artist, Robert Jahnke. He illustrates light emerging out of the darkness, something coming from nothing. Te Kore, Te Pō – the concept that knowledge and being are constantly evolving through space and time. This concept relates to Te Ao Marama, that the world creates itself each day with the rising sun.

Symbols and colour are deliberately minimal, and drawn in light on a large scale, they create multiple readings and open up a dialogue around ancestors, colonialism and land loss. His cross form is the basic stitch in tukutuku weaving and the building block for patterns such as kaokao. It becomes an ambivalent signifier with both positive and negative meaning: an error in judgment as a pupil, a signature making the Treaty of Waitangi contract binding, a cross stich in customary latticework signifying ancestors who have become stars in the night.

Suitable for: All ages

When: Continues beyond festival dates

Where: Lightworx Gallery Auckland, 110 Custom Street West, CBD

Cost: Free

  • Wheelchair Access
  • Free event