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Tāne-te-waiora - Shall we work together?

Invoking Tāne-te-waiora, the atua Tāne who is representative of life, light and physical welfare, The Kauri Project collective offer a call for collaboration. This collaboration suggests that health and prosperity for Kauri, and for the people of Kauri, will be found in collective action. The Kauri Project has been looking at the role art can play in ecological education and activism since 2013, specifically towards the care and protection of Kauri. The Kauri Project brings together voices from different creative, cultural, political and scientific disciplines through a process of wānanga and creative exchange.
Curated by Ariane Craig-Smith and Chris McBride for The Kauri Project. Artsist include: Denise Batchelor, Star Gossage, Kura Te Waru Rewiri, Mark Harvey, Lindsay Antrobus Evans, Jos Wheeler and Chris McBride.

Suitable for: All ages

When: From Sat 22 June, 10am–4:30pm daily

Where: Corban Estate Arts Centre,
Homestead Galleries
2 Mt Lebanon Lane, Henderson

Cost: Free

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  • Family Friendly
  • Free event